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Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration

Difference between interior design and decoration

Are you often curious to know what interior design is? Or what is interior decoration? Are they the same? Let us help you understand the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration with some non-similar facts about them!

Interior Design and Interior Decoration are two fundamentally different topics commonly misunderstood as the same.

Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration

What is interior designing?

In order to find the Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration, we need to understand what is Interior Design. Interior Design is the art and science of beautifying the interior of a building to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. This process is called Interior designing. 

An Interior Designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects. The expert has to have good knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

What is interior decoration?

Interior Decoration is the art of decorating a residential or commercial space according to a client’s personal style and taste. Unlike designers, decorators need not have an education or professional certification.

Both work to accomplish design goals, but interior designers may also partner with contractors to change structural elements. On the other hand, Interior decorators focus on only the visuals of a space.

There are vast differences between the two professions. As you decide on which kind of assistance you need while planning changes for your space, you will understand the distinct features.

Now let us understand the difference between Interior design and Interior decoration with the help of the work of Interior Designer and Interior Decorators.

Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration

What does an Interior Designer do?

Interior designers understand people’s behavior and give the highest results through functional and aesthetical interior spaces which include civil works. Interior designers are hired by an architect or a developer.

During a particular execution, they look after the local building codes, fire safety, accessibility, efficiency, functionality, sound transmission, and acoustics.

What an Interior Decorator does?

An Interior decorator changes the aesthetics and impressions of a space by using paint, fabric, furnishings, and accessories. Interior decorators can be hired by architects, developers, or homeowners directly.

During a project, they consider flooring, fabrics, lighting, fixtures, furnishing, paint, branding, and art. They majorly work on residential projects.

Despite having many differences they do meet in some aspects. 

Both Interior decorators and designers have too many skills in common like research, creativity, communication, organization, knowledge of art, architecture, and design history.

Interior Designing Colleges

Interior design is a learned field mastering the skill that requires learning and technical training. 

A best home interior designer usually understands and estimates the color and fabric, space planning and arranging, furniture design & customization, architecture skill, and many more skills using various available tools like computer-aided design (CAD), 2D drawing & 3D Designing. 

Upon getting a diploma or graduation from a reputed Interior Designing college is an added crown for this field.  Interior designers get registration done before moving on to establish their own house interior decoration business.

Interested in revamping your space with our experts?

Interior Designers and Interior Decorators are blessed with the ability to think creatively to create functional spaces that can improve people’s way of life. Decorating a home or office space will make the user feel enthusiastic and fresh.

You may save different reference images and designs but at times cannot decide on one. That is when designers and decorators come to the rescue! They are professionally trained and experienced to assist you throughout the process.

To conclude both Interior decorators and Interior designers work hand in hand and make the work successful.

Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration

If you are looking for a quick guide or changing the look of your space talk to us and let us consult you online for free!

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