How to design your home interior in 5 simple steps!

Design your home interior

You need not spend lakhs to design your home interior. Most of us want to make our houses look drool-worthy. But the thought of revamping while putting in a lot of effort and money surely is overwhelming. 

Don’t worry! We will help you to refresh your house without burning your pockets in just five simple steps.

how to design your home interior

Here are some tips to design your home interior.

1. Bring picture frames in the game.

Use a wall in the living room or a wall in the passage to spruce up the vibe with glass frames. You can use quotes, photos, or artworks that replicate your style or interests. One can also add family memories or just mix everything on the walls! We bet you will love the quirky look.

2. Change your fabrics.

Your house can be full of furniture and decor items but would still look dull. With plenty of fabric options available it’s easy to create a theme-based decor for your space.

The key is to whisk the patterns well with the vibe of your home.

3. Invest in good decor for the foyers.

It’s true when they say a good foyer leads to a good home. Not all spaces have enough space for a foyer but if you do make the best use of it because the first impression can be the last impression.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

The best tip to make your house look larger is to add big mirrors. This can not only brighten up your space but also add to the aesthetics.

To bring in sunlight you can keep a full-height mirror exactly opposite the window.

5. Go Bold!

Want a low-budget, high-impact decor for your house? Try adding a fresh accent wall.

Just have a look at our designs that will make your Jaw Drop

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