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8 easy ways to make your bathroom smell fresh like a SPA

how to make bathroom smell fresh

Maintaining hygiene in the house is a struggle but very important. Bathrooms can be an unpleasant task if you don’t follow a few simple steps every day.By keeping up with a few jobs and adding some scented diffusers to your space, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh isn’t so hard. Continue reading to find out our favorite tricks to make your bathroom smell fresh like a SPA.

make your bathroom smell fresh

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH #1: Don’t Forget to give your damp towels a sun bath!

One of the main reasons for your bathrooms to smell funky is damp towels left on the floor. Every time you use a towel don’t forget to hang it in the sunlight until it is bone-dry. Don’t fold them even when they are slightly damp. And most importantly wash them regularly.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#2: Use Aromatic Air fresheners.

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to boost the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Your toilet can be one of the reasons for the bad odor in your bathroom.

Try out this tip to bring in fresh scents to overpower a sticky space: Spray air fresheners every time you leave the bathroom. If you think you may forget to spray every time you use the space, you can simply put some aromatic essential oil on a few cotton balls and place it in a corner or near the laundry bag.

how to make your bathroom smell fresh like a spa


One of the top-secret and most effective tricks hotel owners use is to scent their toilet brushes! After finishing your cleaning, it’s good to spray or add a few drops of essential oil to the brush so that it leaves a pleasant smell behind.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#4: Make sure you allow your bathroom to breathe.

Next time you have a steamy bath remember to ventilate it by keeping the windows open for about 10 to 15 minutes.

This will not only help to dry the moisture in corners or tiny complicated spaces but also bring in some fresh air. If you don’t have a bathroom window you can simply turn the exhaust fan on for the same amount of time.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#4: Invest in good aromatic soaps

A very important tip to take into account when planning about your bathroom hygiene is the choice of soap you use. Try choosing a soap with a scent of your taste if you want to achieve a space with a pleasant fragrance, especially if they are going to be on display. 

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#5: Don’t forget to clear the trash!

There are other stinky culprits in the bathroom which we often forget, the trash. Make it a point to clear the trash regularly even if it’s not full. Thankfully trash odors are not a struggle to deal with. Additionally, you can add a few essential oiled cotton balls to the empty can. 

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#6: Use strongly scented plants.

A little greenery can also bring a huge difference in the bathroom scent. If you have a window cill it’s the best possible way to implement flora. You can add dried herbs in a vase for an aesthetic look.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SMELL FRESH#7: Throw your bath mats in the washer often.

A bath mat can in no time start looking yucky. It is recommended to wash them once every two weeks. This will not only improve the hygiene of the space but also make the mat look sparkling new!

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