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A roof over your head,

Four walls to keep you safe,

A space for you to fill with happiness and memories,

This is your home,

The home of your dreams

As a homeowner, you must be dreaming of crafting a beautiful and cozy habitat for yourself. In interior designing company in Bangalore you want the best materials, the classist designs and the best service for your home interiors. Sadly, the load of your everyday responsibilities coupled with the expense associated with interior décor keep you from building the habitat of your desire. The good news is, with SunTew, designing the perfect home interior is easier than you think.

“What is SunTew?”, you must be wondering.

Well, SunTew is one of the best interior companies in Bangalore. It was incepted in 2020 with the mission of taking homeowners like you one step closer to your dream interior design. Our team of expert interior designers in Bangalore has been helping numerous home and office owners infuse aesthetics into their living and work spaces at affordable costs.

We understand trusting someone with the important responsibility of designing your home can be difficult. Walk with us through this blog as we explain how we can make home décor easier for you.

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Bangalore Home Interior Designing and Décor Services

Best interior companies in Bangalore

A beautiful design might not be the most effective one. Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your home a good interior design should maximize its potential. Bringing out the best in a living space involves the work of an expert. SunTew is a well-known interior designing company in Bangalore with a strong team of interior designers. With a vast experience of handling a variety of projects our designers help you to create the best version of your living space.

Are you considering designing your residential or office interior?

Be it an office space or a residence SunTew is the answer to all your décor needs.

Design your living room with SunTew

What factors come to mind when you think about redesigning your living room? They probably include the type of furniture, the color shades, the floor tiles, the lighting and so much more. Crafting a perfect living room design by carefully considering all these elements might feel puzzling. This is exactly where SunTew comes in. Being the best interior designers in Bangalore, we understand that the living room is the soul of a house. Soaking the mirth of your laughter and the warmth of your happiness it breathes life into the entire house. Our expert living room designers speak with you to understand your requirements, preferences and persona. They then fuse this personalized information with their technical expertise to create the most stylish and optimal design for your living room. SunTew has bagged many accolades for its impeccable living room designs

A complete décor for your bedroom

After a stressful day at work, all we look forward to is the warm embrace of sleep. A perfectly designed bedroom with comfortable furnishings is pivotal for a good sleep experience. You may know the type of design you want for your bedroom. However, creating a perfectly comfortable bedroom involves the fusion of the right style, storage, space, lighting and other essential factors. Besides demanding time this process also requires experience. SunTew collaborates with you to create the bedroom of your dreams. Having created a wide range of styles including traditional, contemporary and romantic for hundreds of clients we are one of the most reputable interior companies in Bangalore.  Our past clients have praised us for our innovative bedroom designs with unique storage solutions, cabinet design, color combinations and textured walls.

. Craft an organized kitchen with SunTew

How often have you complained about the storage of your kitchen?

How often have you thought about remodeling it?

Cooking is a job of care and patience. A kitchen with the right storage plan and space helps you to properly organize it and cook with ease. Since 2005, numerous homeowners have trusted SunTew with the responsibility of designing their kitchens. Being a skilled interior designing company in Bangalore, SunTew crafts perfect kitchen interior décor. Our décor solutions involve a proper storage plan, a choice of high-quality durable materials and space for the accommodation of relevant appliances. Most importantly, our pocket-friendly kitchen décor plans are laid out in alignment with your requirements and preferences.

SunTew’s Commercial interior design services

Crafting the interior décor for an office space is not easy. Deadlines and working long hours in the office lead to a lot of stress and pressure. A décor that radiates positivity and professionalism helps people stay focused. SunTew has been helping office owners, retail stores, and hospitality venues by crafting décor solutions that not only exude positivity but are also aligned with the business’s brand image and vision. Moreover, being one of the leading interior companies in Bangalore, SunTew guarantees optimal utilization of your commercial spaces.   


Our journey of home interior design

Interior decoration is an elaborate process. It demands attention to a lot of factors like the quality of materials, fixing an appropriate design given the space available, supervision of the entire process and handling sudden problems. Leading interior companies like SunTew can simplify your interior décor journey. Let us explain how we do it.

Consult with SunTew

If you are someone who is embarking on the home décor journey for the first time then it may be difficult for you to decide about the services, designs and materials you want for your home. SunTew’s free consultation call can help you make an informed decision. At the same time, we get to understand your requirements and offer you a customized solution.

Your comfort is our responsibility

SunTew’s services are flexible to accommodate your requirements and personalized to your preference. For example, in our design-only solutions we use your materials while in furniture-only solutions, we collaborate with your contractors. Moreover, we supervise the entire project on your behalf so that you can focus on the important things in your life.

Take advantage of SunTew’s wide range of services

SunTew offers a variety of services for you to choose from depending upon your requirement. Be it the remodeling of a kitchen or the rejuvenation of an entire home, SunTew offers it all at an affordable price. Also, our team of the best interior designing company in Bangalore is quite capable of doing the interior for a variety of rooms including living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and prayer rooms (mandirs). Moreover, SunTew’s handpicked designers take charge of the entire décor process starting from planning to its completion.

Suntew's Interior Design :Your Unique Bangalore Lifestyle and Preference

Top best interiors in Bangalore

Who does not want to stand out amidst a crowd of people? All of you have some unique traits which set you apart from the rest. Life is a journey of finding your uniqueness and utilizing it to create a distinguished place for yourself. The inherent instinct of being unique also comes alive when homeowners are designing their living space. They want their home to be adorned in the most trending yet unique designs that reverberate their persona. SunTew is a well-known interior designing company in Bangalore that is known for exquisite interior design styles and world-class service. Let us spill the secret to our unique designs.

A special style for home (or office) of every size

SunTew’s expert designers are capable of crafting a décor solution that unleashes the maximum potential of your living space irrespective of its size. Be it a spacious villa or a small apartment our cutting-edge décor solutions will transform your space into the home of your dreams. For example, for small cozy apartments, our customized design solutions help you optimize your indoor living space by providing innovative storage solutions and space-saving techniques. On the other hand, SunTew’s team of luxury interior designers in Bangalore reduces the hassle of decorating large mansions by crafting exquisite décor experiences at an affordable price range. Our end-to-end design services take care of every activity associated with the interior décor of large spaces.

A personalized style for every homeowner

SunTew is one of the most reputable interior design companies in Bangalore. The first step in our home décor process is collaborating with you to understand your home décor needs. Our expertise lies in the personalized designs that we offer keeping in mind our client’s preferences, the size of their homes and requirements. From the choice of wall colours, and the style of design to furnishings our designers ensure that your home interior resonates with you. Whether you prefer contemporary designs or traditional ones we can help you out.

A design that resonates with your culture

Every year Bangalore sees an influx of jobseekers from diverse cultures. Your culture is a part of your identity. A perfectly personalized interior décor should reflect the essence of your culture. SunTew has crafted highly appreciated interior décor for clients from different cultures. Our years of experience and in-depth analysis of our client’s traits and preferences help us infuse local cultures and traditions into its interior designs.

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Suntew's Interior Designing Solutions for Bangalore Homes


Aesthetic is not the only component to consider in an interior design. A perfectly functional interior design includes factors like the perfect amount of storage space, moving areas, furnishings and space of doors and windows. Being one of Bangalore’s leading interior companies SunTew has offered functional interior design solutions to multiple clients in India and abroad. Let us give you some examples of our services.

Effectively design your residence with SunTew

A home is made of comfortable living rooms, tranquil bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, a well-organized kitchen, a peaceful prayer room and so much more. At SunTew we not only guarantee aesthetic interior décor but only functional designs. On one hand, our designers craft beautiful designs beautiful design by incorporating the latest design styles, a touch of personalization, wall textures and fitting colour combinations. On the other hand, they ensure that the designs are functional by considering storage plans, furnishings, space utilization, quality of materials used and so much more. Also, modern appliances and automation play an important role in SunTew’s décor solutions thus modernization into them

Grace your prayer room with SunTew’s unique designs

Homeowners build their prayer room (mandir) with a lot of respect and devotion. It is a very precious room in their whole living space. Hence, it can be difficult to trust someone with the responsibility of designing your place of worship. SunTew’s designers put in a lot of care and patience while doing the interiors of a prayer room. Their artistry radiates peace and positive energy that strengthens a worshipper’s faith. Being a interior designing company in Bangalore, we take care of essential requirements from color selection to idol placement while following Vastu Shastra norms.

Where design meets passion, and dreams transform into tangible reality

Interior Design Experience with Suntew, Your Trusted Partner in Bangalore

The purpose of an interior décor is to transform a space into a beautiful well-organized one. Although as easy as it may sound the process can be lengthy and complicated. However, trusting a successful interior designing company in Bangalore like SunTew ensures beautiful and efficient home décor at reasonable prices.

Why should you trust SunTew?

Well, let us give you some reasons.

Luxurious design at affordable prices

You do not need to borrow money from the bank for home décor anymore. With SunTew your home décor process will be stress-free and affordable. We ensure that irrespective of the price the décor solutions are highly functional and have a premium feel.

Top class materials

Home décor is a costly affair. Hence it is important to ensure that the design is durable. At SunTew we offer the best quality products and solutions that are sustainable and stylish. Our interior designers use high-quality materials procured from top brands. Moreover, our solutions are completely environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. 

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