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Welcome to SunTew, we are one of the best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore
Established in 2006, we have been crafting high-quality interior designs for hundreds of homes and offices across Bangalore
Home and office owners often struggle to create a balanced design that uplifts the beauty of their space while enhancing its utility. Moreover, finding time from the busy schedule to invest in planning a perfect interior is a herculean task for most home and office owners.   Graced by a talented team of expert interior designers we are a stallworth in creating tailored interior designs that resonate with the needs and tastes of our clients.  Our designers coordinate with you to understand your requirements and preferences; they incorporate this information while laying out the design plan for your space. From traditional to contemporary, we are equally competent in an array of design styles. Our hassle-free interior design services backed by start-to-end site supervision have helped us exceed the expectations of 99% of our clients. 
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Interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore

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Services Offered by SunTew Interior Designers

Interior design is not as easy as it seems. A good design involves both structural and aesthetic improvements of a place. Being one of the best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore, we have adorned hundreds of homes and offices with unique designs that reflect the personality and brand image of the respective owners.  With a reputation for crafting aesthetically pleasing spaces, loaded with functionality and resonating with the client, we ensure 100% stress-free and affordable interior design services in Indiranagar.  Let’s talk about some of these services now.

Room interiors

We identify each room in a house as a distinct entity. Are you looking to remodel your living room, kitchen, kids’ room, puja room (or mandir), study, bedroom, or bathroom? 

Worry not, we are experts in designing home interiors in Indiranagar. Regardless of the type of room, our designers are adept in transforming them into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments by: 

  • Collaborating with you while making important decisions like selecting colour schemes, furniture, lighting, and accessories to create a cohesive look.
  •  Offering additional services like floor planning, 3D modeling, and personalized consultations. 
  • Tailoring our services depends on your requirements.
Room interiors in Indiranagar Bangalore

Kitchen interiors

Kitchen Interirors In Indiranagar Bangalore

Cooking can be stressful at times. Organizing all the ingredients, utensils and tools is an important ritual for seamless cooking. Are you looking to build a modern kitchen that elevates your cooking experience? 

Partner with our home stylists. We are experts in crafting the best kitchen interiors  in town by

  • Offering modern modular kitchens that are pre-sized and prefabricated compartments
  • Equipping kitchens with modern amenities, equipment and storage facilitiesAdorning kitchens in versatile designs that complement the existing interior design style. 

Living Room interiors

Do you want to remodel your living room? 

The living room is the heart of your home. Being the best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore, our designs breathe life into living rooms by: 

  • Reflecting the personality and preferences of you and your family while unleashing its functionality
  • Using the best quality materials and incorporating the latest technologies into our design plan to present a comfortable living experience

Offering an array of unique designs and trendy living room decorations.

Living room

Bathrooms interiors

The Bathroom is the place where you wash off your stress and prepare yourself to start a new day. 

Not happy with your washroom? 

Transform it with us! As the best interior designers in Bangalore, we have mastered the art of crafting comfortable washrooms by 

  • Laying out everything from the sink to the storage cabinet in a space-maximizing manner 
  • Using best quality tiles, fittings, lighting, durable mirrors and other items

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Our Speciality in Interior Design

Interior desgings in Indiranagar

Many of our clients ask “ What is so special about our services?” 

Well, let us unfold our speciality that makes us stand out from others. We have been operating as one of the best interior designers in Indiranagar for almost 5 years. Adept in a palette of design styles from traditional to contemporary we offer high-quality products and services at an affordable rate. That said, our speciality lies in our client-centric approach and attention to detail while handling each design project.

  • Being the best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore we always present a satisfactory design experience; every opinion, preference, requirement and constraint of the client is taken into account in the project.  
  • Our interior designers speak to our clients to understand their idiosyncrasies, requirements, personality, and culture. Our team also conducts a detailed assessment of our client’s home/ office space before laying out the plan. Once we have all the information we sit to develop a design plan. 
  • While we guarantee zero botheration we always keep our clients posted about the updates of the design process. We pay attention to their opinion and incorporate any change that they deem important. Moreover, our client support team is available 24*7 to clarify any confusion or query from our client’s end. 
  • Personalized design styles have been our USP. We infuse elements of your preference and value into our design style to create something unique that resonates with you and your family. 

Why Choose SunTew Interior Designers in Indiranagar?

Over the last 5 years, we have emerged as one of the most trusted interior designers in Indiranagar. Our clients have been impressed by our exemplary designs and efficient customer care services. That said, we believe in the importance of an informed decision. Do not choose us simply because we are asking you to. Explore the top 4 perks of partnering with us before making the final call. 

  • Talented team: We comprise a team of talented design consultants who are experienced in crafting an array of styles ranging from rustic to modern interior design. Perfectly balancing beauty and functionality these designs can elevate your living space 
  • Turnkey solutions: Being the best interior designers in Indiranagar, we promise you zero stress. Our turnkey solutions are perfect for busy clients who are burdened by daily responsibilities. We coordinate with you to note your requirements and opinions and incorporate them into our design process. Moreover, every design project is monitored by our supervisor to make things easier for you. 
  • Affordability and Transparency: We understand the value of your hard-earned money. To help you realize your home decor dreams we offer our interior design services at affordable rates. Also, we follow a transparent pricing model for you to understand the purpose of your investment.
  • Flexibility: We offer ‘design-only’ or ‘furniture-only’ solutions where we cooperate with your contractors and oversee the execution of your project. Be it designing a corner of your room or remodeling your entire space, we got you covered. 

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Having successfully helped hundreds of families and businesses realize their interior design dreams, we receive a high percentage of repeat customers. Hear out what some of them have to say about our services.

Hire the Best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore for your Home

The journey to become one of the best interior designers in Indiranagar Bangalore has been filled with various experiences. These have taught us the secret of staying one step ahead of our competitors. The trick is simple: we value our client’s feelings and emotions associated with their homes (and offices); pay great attention to their requirements and cater to them. Our client-centric interior design services are specially shaped to secure your satisfaction. 

Enjoy a completely seamless interior design experience with us,  one of the interior design firms in Indiranagar Bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of design services including 

  • Residential interior design 
    • Living room design 
    • Kids room design 
    • Bedroom design 
    • Study design 
    • Mandir design 
    • Bathroom design 
    • Kitchen design 
  • Commercial interior design 
  • House exterior design 
  • Landscape design 

Our charges for interior design services vary depending on various factors like the size of your space, the complexity of the project, deliverables and more. You can hop on a free consultation call with us. Our space planners can give a specific quotation depending on your requirements.

Absolutely we do. We are very careful about environmental conservation. By incorporating sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials in our projects we craft environmentally responsible designs.

Yes, we do. Being one of the best interior designers in Indiranagar, we offer the flexibility to integrate the existing furniture and decor into the new design to create a cohesive look.

The cost of a modular kitchen varies depending on factors like the type of layout, the amenities, and the equipment installed. On average the overall cost of our modular kitchen starts from Rs 50,000 (including discount). Get in touch with SunTew to get a more accurate estimate. Click here.

  1. Can SunTew provide furniture for my living space?

Of course, we can. SunTew has a state-of-the-art furniture showroom that has a huge stock of good quality furniture in a variety of designs. Visit our showroom near the 80-feet road, near the Homeopathy Medical College in Basaveshwara Nagara, Bangalore.

Sure, you can. We have a portfolio of completed projects that we can share with you. Here is the link: https://suntew.com/portfolio/

The time required to complete a project varies depending on factors like the length of the project, the services included and other factors. However, on average, we deliver projects within 60 days of start.

Absolutely. We offer flexible interior design services in Indiranagar. Our interior architects are adept at handling renovations and remodeling projects for residences, villas, offices,  and other commercial spaces.

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