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Office interior desiners in bangalore

Imagine starting your day from a dull poorly-designed office. As overburdened as we are with our work, the atmosphere of the office can make or break your mood.  It is not a matter of coincidence that top companies like Apple, Google, and Deloitte have a stellar design for office interior. A well-designed office improves the productivity of the workers by infusing energy and positivity into their minds. A design is much more than aesthetics. A good Workplace interior enhances the functionality of the space. It ensures the safety and well-being of the employees. To sum up, the role of interior design is to craft a beautiful and safe workspace that inspires employees to work toward success

office inerior designers in bangalore

Crafting a design that is both aesthetic and functional is not easy. You need an experienced interior design firm like SunTew to design your office space. We are a leading office interior designer in Bangalore who has years of experience in designing office and home spaces. Our client-centric approach caters to your diverse design needs. You might want to redecorate a small corner of your office or design it from scratch, SunTew’s team of expert designers is here to help you. Our designers will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and design an office space that is cohesive with your brand’s image and vision.         

Our Expertise in Office Interior Design

suntew interior experts in Bangalore

With the vision of transforming your interior design dreams into reality, SunTew was established in 2019. For us interior designs are much more than just that. A design breathes life into your office space. It makes your employees feel alive. Over the span of 5 years, we have grown into a popular office interior designer in Bangalore by constantly creating eye-catching interior designs that efficiently optimize your workspace. Being trendsetters we constantly update our designs to the latest developments in the horizon of interior design. Equipped with modern technology, and world-class materials each of our unique designs meets the industry standards.

Why Choose SunTew Interior as Your Office Interior Designer in Bangalore

Proven track record


Since the day of its inception, SunTew has been offering customized interior design services to home and office owners. Our designers’ expertise, start-to-end design services, and unique interior design solutions have impressed our clients. Over the last 5 years, we have emerged as a leading office interior designer in Bangalore by building a loyal clientele. In fact, we have several repeat customers who avail our services time and again. 

Awards & Recognitions


SunTew’s office interior design have been highly appreciated by clients. Being a leading interior design company in Bangalore we understand the design needs of the owners. Our tailored services are popular for their affordable rate and hassle-free experience.  

Team Design Process


How would you feel if your office interior décor resembled that of any other office? It does not look good right? We want a unique design for our office space that resonates with our brand. Moreover, the design requirements can vary from one office owner to another.  Being a leading office interior designer in Bangalore your wish is SunTew’s command. Our seasoned designers devote ample time to client consultation. Here they collaborate with you to understand your requirements.   


Our Office Interior Decorators Services in Bangalore

SunTew is known for providing premium office room interior design at budget prices. Our personalized design solutions evoke professionalism and boost employee productivity. It does not matter how big or small your office area our design solutions will transform it into an aesthetic and highly functional space. 

Low-Budget Small Office Interior Design

low budget interior desingers in bangalore

We understand how cost-intensive it is to grow and sustain a business. There is a conventional impression that interior design is a costly affair. However, you do not have to break the bank to design your office. No matter how restricted your office space is we will help you make the most of it. Creating cost-effective, good-quality, small office design solutions is SunTew’s forte. Factors like storage solutions, lighting strategy, and furniture layout are carefully planned for this purpose. Do not worry. We do not compromise on quality to curtail costs.      

Modern Office Interior Design

SunTew’s design solutions are versatile. Our expert designers are capable of creating any type of design be it modern or traditional. In the last couple of years, most of our clients have chosen modern designs for their office room interior. While laying the blueprint of a modern design we make it a point to incorporate the mandatory elements of it. Our signature modern office designs will have the following features.  

modern interior desingers in bangalore

IT Office Interior Design

IT company interior desingers

The IT Revolution in India gave birth to countless IT hubs. Until some years the IT office owners did not pay much attention to interior design. However, with the rise in the importance of branding people realized the pivotal role of design in establishing one. Hence surged the need for IT office interior decoration ideas. Being an industry leader in interior decoration SunTew has always been at the top of trends. Our team has decorated multiple IT offices. And no two designs have been the same. With much care, our designers incorporate the components pivotal for designing an IT office space. Here are some key elements that are a part of our IT Office design. 

5 Major components in SUNTEW IT office Design

Make your office space more elegant in your budget

Client Testimonials for Office interiors Bangalore

We understand that trusting someone with the responsibility to design your office is not easy. Well, you do not have to make a decision right now. Take a glimpse of our past work and client feedback to know more about us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does SunTew do office in home design?

Absolutely, we do. We offer every type of design solution for our clients. Whether you want to design an office at home or decorate a commercial space from scratch we have got you covered.  

2. If I have some queries about my design project can I reach out to you?

Of course, you can. Designing an office space is a complex affair. You can have multiple queries. And we encourage you to ask them. Hop on a consultation call with us and let us clear your doubts. This call is absolutely free of cost. 

3.Does a small office space need an interior decorator?

Let us share a secret with you. Our experience tells us that designing a small office interior is not easy. Figuring out stuff like the right colour palette, furniture setting, and lighting can be taxing. Let an experienced design firm like SunTew craft a hassle-free design experience for you while you take care of the other important responsibilities. 

4. Can I choose the furniture for my office?

SunTew excels in crafting personalized design solutions. You can choose each and every material for the design process. Our designers will incorporate them and our team will oversee the execution of the whole project.

5. Can I make some changes to my requirements while the project is in progress?

Yes, of course. Throughout the life of the project, our team will be in touch with you. Feel free to communicate any changes you want and we will take care of it.