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Best Budget Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

“Here we are the best budget interior designers in Bangalore who can decorate your home at the price what you fix”


Welcome to Best budget interior designers in Bangalore

Are you trying hard to find affordable interior designers in Bangalore?  You are in the right place “SUNTEW” home interior designers will be your best budget home interiors in Bangalore without losing your valuable money we will make it. Yes! You dream it we design It and make your dream home live with our highly skilled professionals. Our professional will work in the current trend of design so your dream home will look more attractive and filled with eye caching design.

So, whether you’re seeking the best and cheap interior designers in Bangalore or simply exploring low cost interior design options, SUNTEW will be your guide compass.

“Book your dream living space with our affordable interior designers in Bangalore”

How we are unique from other Interior designers in Bangalore

There are various types of interior designers in Bangalore some are very expensive that does not match your budget but here we will make your interior design in budget friendly prizes it does not mean that we are reducing the prices than other interior designers that quality will be low actually we make interior design that makes you luxury interior design feel with cheapest and affordable cost that will never break your bank savings. SUNTEW interior design service will guide you to choose proper color to your living home and home screens that looks like a well-designed interior home in Bangalore. We are not only interior decorators we are also interior design solutions suppose if you have a home with outdated interior works SUNTEW will renew things as new. We make spaces that show who you are. Choose us for a special design journey with our interior experts.

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Why choose SUNTEW Home interior designers in Bangalore

Our major 6 key factors of budget friendly interior designers

1.Interesting Design Concepts

SUNTEW has a special well experience designer who uses latest technology of design software which brings your live home very attractive in the first impression. We don’t Hesitate to do changes in initial stage of design because in initial stage of interior design people say lo of changes in design and will make charges for redesign we won’t don’t that SUNTEW will make design and get approved till our clients get satisfied

2.Local Experience

We are targeting the people who thinks to make interior design with cheapest price so that we are so much involved in Bangalore lifestyle. Our design architect will go through all the trending design factors that goes on that can apply to your living space to make more trending and attractive interior space to your home

3.Attention in detail

What SUNTEW says more than doing interior work for home we will page more attention to detailing the work we do detailing in sense for example you have a small space that we are not using for any use so we will pay more attention to that particular space we will make it more impressive and useful too

4.Quality workmanship

Quality is the major key factor of our interiors SUNTEW collaborates with skilled professional who brings your interior vision live without compromising quality of your work ensuring that final result is not only visual but also durable and function.

5.Impress clients

Every client has a different needs and different ideas to decorate their homes it’s a challenging task for interiors architects. We keep an open communication with our client our intension is not giving the neutral work of interiors SUNTEW will have a separate plan and work flow chart for each client all we need is your satisfaction that makes us happy to move our business

6.Timely execution

 At SUNTEW we will valor your precious time the delivery of our work will be on time what you expect. Once a delivery time is fixed our professional work hard to meet your delivery time without making any compromise of the quality.

best budget home interior designers in Bangalore

Process Of Our Best Budget Home interior designers in Bangalore



Design development

client approval

Cient Approval



On Tme Delivery

Best Budget Interior Designers Cost in Bangalore

1BHK Interior cost in Bangalore

Island Modular Kitchen
Quality Living room (approx. 150-200 sq. ft.) Bedroom (approx. 100-150 sq. ft.) Kitchen (approx. 50-100 sq. ft.) Bathroom (approx. 35-50 sq. ft.)
Basic ₹50,000 – ₹70,000 ₹80,000 – ₹1,00,000 ₹30,000 – ₹50,000 ₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Standard ₹80,000 – ₹1,00,000 ₹60,000 – ₹80,000 ₹50,000 – ₹70,000 ₹30,000 – ₹40,000
Premium ₹1,20,000 – ₹1,50,000 ₹90,000 – ₹1,20,000 ₹70,000 – ₹90,000 ₹40,000 – ₹50,000

2BHK Interior cost in Bangalore

Living room best interior designers in Bangalore
Quality Living room (approx. 150-200 sq. ft.) Bedroom (approx. 100-150 sq. ft.) Kitchen (approx. 50-100 sq. ft.) Bathroom (approx. 35-50 sq. ft.)
Basic ₹50,000 – ₹70,000 ₹80,000 – ₹1,00,000 ₹30,000 – ₹50,000 ₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Standard ₹80,000 – ₹1,00,000 ₹60,000 – ₹80,000 ₹50,000 – ₹70,000 ₹30,000 – ₹40,000
Premium ₹1,20,000 – ₹1,50,000 ₹90,000 – ₹1,20,000 ₹70,000 – ₹90,000 ₹40,000 – ₹50,000

3BHK Interior cost in Bangalore


Living room (approx. 250-300 sq. ft.) Bedroom (approx. 100-150 sq. ft. each) Kitchen (approx. 80-120 sq. ft.) Bathroom (approx. 40-60 sq. ft. each)
Basic ₹90,000 – ₹1,20,000 ₹60,000 – ₹80,000 ₹50,000 – ₹70,000 ₹30,000 – ₹40,000
Standard ₹1,30,000 – ₹1,70,000 ₹80,000 – ₹1,00,000 ₹70,000 – ₹90,000 ₹40,000 – ₹50,000
Premium ₹1,80,000 – ₹2,30,000 ₹1,10,000 – ₹1,50,000 ₹90,000 – ₹1,20,000 ₹50,000 – ₹70,000

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