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Craft Your Dream Home with Suntew’s Skilled Interior Decorators in Bangalore

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”- Nate Berkus

How many of you love to come back to your homes after a day of hard work?

How many of you feel homesick when away from home for a while?

A house is just a structure of bricks and cement. You make it into a home with love and care, draping its interiors with beautiful décor. However, trapped in a life of busyness it becomes difficult to devote time for home décor. If you are eager to decorate your home and looking for interior decorators in Bangalore then your search ends here. Suntew is an expert interior and exterior design firm established in 2020 in Mangalore with the sole purpose of helping you craft impeccable interior and exterior décor.  In addition to offering you good-quality sophisticated designs that unfold a story, Interior decorators in Suntew unleashes a wide variety of furnishings and interior accessories to complement various design styles. Having won the hearts of numerous homeowners and business owners from different regions of Karnataka (like Bangalore and Mangalore) we are one of the most popular and highly skilled interior design consultancies in Bangalore.  Hence, you can safely trust Suntew to cater to any home décor and office décor needs. You will explore more about us in the following sections.

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Elevate Your Space: Discover Suntew’s Comprehensive Interior Decorating

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At Suntew we take care of all your interior décor needs. Dive in to know how we can assist you.

Your emotions find expression in art. An interior designer leans on art to make your home mirror your personality and taste.  Being an expert designer in Bangalore Suntew offers unique interior designs for both residential and commercial structures. We prioritize your requirements and consider important nitty-gritty about your preferences while designing your home; adding a touch of personalization to it. Our team of seasoned interior designers fuses trending interior design with world-class materials for renovations and fresh projects. By offering a special blend of longevity and innovation in its designs Suntew has exceeded the expectations of its loyal clientele.

At Suntew we take every project seriously. From renovation of a single room to redesigning your whole house we do it all. Our trending designs are crafted by incorporating our client’s preferences.

Adding a touch of beauty to your home might seem an expensive affair. However, at SunTew we help your home decor dreams meet reality at an affordable price. Available at various price ranges our interior décor solutions promise to cater to your tastes and preferences.

The need to switch to eco-friendly solutions is higher than ever now. With a promise of crafting environmentally friendly interiors, SunTew uses recyclable and pollution-free materials like bamboo, salvaged wood and recycled materials. Moreover, it employs energy-efficient solutions and advanced technologies like IoT gadgets and automation in interior decorating in Bangalore.

Mandir Design

A perfect interior design for a mandir should embody the confluence of faith and devotion. Suntew guarantees positive energy and an improved spiritual experience through its mandir decors. Suntew’s mandir décor ticks every essential requirement ranging from colour selection to idol placement. Most importantly, our team of home decorators in Bangalore adheres to Vastu Shastra norms while creating a pooja room décor plan. Since many families in Bangalore prefer wooden mandir designs we also offer the same.

Kitchen design

A good kitchen design demands proper color selection, storage planning, material selection, and appliance integration. The designs should ensure a perfect mix of functionality and modernization. SunTew provides tailor-made, budget-friendly and effective kitchen designs.

Bathroom design

A perfect bathroom is beautiful and has enough space to accommodate essentials like towels and toiletries. At Suntew we work with top decorators of Bangalore who create a beautiful and functional bathroom design that is customized to your requirements and style. Moreover, we also ease your stress of decorating by supervising construction and assisting in locating fixtures and supplies for the washroom.


Embrace a Hassle-Free Transformation: Suntew’s Interior Journey for Bangalore Homes

Suntew is an esteemed subsidiary of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd an experienced firm which is known for offering world-class B2B services and digital marketing solutions to businesses across Karnataka, Kerala, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Established in 2020 Suntew comprises a seasoned team of passionate interior decorators in Bangalore that deliver seamless interior design services. In the span of the last four years, it has helped transform several homes across Karnataka with its interior design and decoration. There are several reasons why your home transformation experience with us will be hassle-free.

interior decorators in Bangalore

Price and Innovation: Suntew has been the top choice for many homeowners since 2020 owing to its affordable prices and innovative designs. Our clients love the touch of luxury we add to their homes at inexpensive prices.   

A wide spectrum of services: One of the perks of choosing us is our array of services. We offer unique and trending interior décor solutions for every room of your house including your living room, bedroom, pooja room and washroom. Moreover, Suntew offers a solution that fits your needs. From renovating a specific corner of your home to rejuvenating your entire living space we cover it all. Most importantly, we provide end–to–end coordinated solutions starting from planning to completion, thus ensuring a hassle-free interior design process.

Your requirement is our priority: Our designers do not rush straight to design. We understand that an office décor or home décor should embody the owner’s tastes, beliefs and personality. Hence we spend time understanding your requirements, lifestyle, ambitions and preferences. Thereafter, our designers work minutely to craft personalized interior decor for them. In the journey of decorating homes across Bangalore Suntew has experience in creating a diverse range of designs. Whether you prefer modern minimalist or traditional elegant designs we have got you covered. 

Still, wondering if Suntew would be a good fit for designing your home or office?

Hop in for a free consultation and we can help you decide.

Where design meets passion, and dreams transform into tangible reality

Personalized Interior Decorating Solutions: Tailored to Your Bangalore Lifestyle and Preferences

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SunTew crafts décor solutions prioritise your requirements and preferences. Hence our solutions are personalized and unique for every home or office we decorate. Being highly flexible with our services we have a 100% success rate of providing tailor-made solutions to our clients.

Your home is a part of you. Therefore, the interior décor of your living space should reflect the essence of your nature. For example, a perfect personalized décor should be etched with your memories, stories and preferences. Suntew’s team of designers craft personalized designs that echo your persona, reminding you of who you are, every moment.

Being one of the top interior decorators in Bangalore Suntew’s commercial designs exude creativity and evoke productivity. We understand that its brand image is most important to a business. It reflects its mission and personality. Through our customized designs we ensure that your office décor aligns with your brand identity. Since 2020, we have provided interior décor solutions to retail stores, offices, and hospitality venues and ensured an optimal utilization of their spaces.

Moreover, there are some factors typical to Bangalore which need to be incorporated while crafting a décor solution for people living there. We will discuss these below.

According to a study in 2018, the rate of urbanization in Bangalore is 90.94%. As a result, the city has seen a rise in population density. The people of Bangalore desire small yet beautifully adorned living spaces. Suntew works with the best interior designers in Bangalore to create décor that is efficient for limited living spaces. Our designers innovate effective storage solutions and space-saving techniques to maximize indoor space.

Bangalore houses multicultural. Needless to say, people from different cultures will have varied tastes. Suntew hires experienced interior decorators from Bangalore who minutely infuse local cultures and traditions into the interior designs. Our clients are extremely happy with our décor that reflects their identity and faith.

Having suffered the consequences of pollution and environmental damage our current and future generations prioritize sustainable décor solutions. Thus, at Suntew we craft solutions that are trendy, environment friendly and attractive.

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Functional Beauty at Its Finest: Suntew’s Interior Expertise for Bangalore Homes.


Are you wondering how to transform your living space into the home of your dreams? Well, Suntew is here to take care of all your interior décor needs. Here is a little bit about our expertise

Customized modular Kitchens: Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or building it from scratch? Suntew’s seasoned interior decorators are here to offer you modular kitchens which are spacious and efficient. Be it traditionally or contemporarily styled we promise the most convenient and stylish look for your kitchen. We have received many accolades from our clients for our elegant and practical kitchen creations.

Bedroom design: Designing a bedroom is a very difficult job. Besides offering peace and comfort to its residents it must have enough storage space. At Suntew we spend time accessing your persona and understanding your needs and likes to plan a design solution that resonates with you. Our expertise lies in a range of styles of interior design like romantic bedrooms, contemporary bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms, traditional bedrooms and so much more.   

Living room design: A living room is where a family comes together and spends time. Suntew works with top living room designers in Bangalore to craft impeccable living room designs that reflect the personality of the homeowner.

Flexible project solutions: At Suntew your requirements are of utmost importance. We craft flexible solutions. We offer “design-only” or furniture design solutions where we collaborate with your contractors and materials. Moreover to provide you with a hassle-free experience we supervise the execution of each of our projects.

Unleash the True Potential of Your Bangalore Space with Suntew’s Interior Decorating Expertise

Suntew is one of the best custom interior design firms in Bangalore. With our cutting-edge technologies, we help you unleash the true potential of your living space irrespective of its size.

Suntew for big living spaces: Decorating large living spaces is a challenge. It needs more time and expertise to transform large houses. You can completely trust Suntew’s team of professional villa interior designers to transform your dream of a luxurious home into reality. Equipped in contemporary home interior design, and home decoration our team employs specialized concepts for home décor. Moreover, our wide range of services covers everything from planning to completion of décor solutions.  

Suntew for small living spaces: In modern times thousands of people are relocating to Bangalore due to the rapid industrialization and growing job opportunities. The graph below shows the rise in population density in Bangalore.

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Thus, the people of Bangalore are looking for design solutions that infuse beauty into their homes while optimizing the limited living area. Being one of the best interior decorators in Bangalore, Suntew fully understands the requirements of the people of the city and accommodates them while designing their interior décor solutions. Our designers craft unique space-saving methods that have been always effective. For example, our innovative storage solutions offer maximum storage space while occupying minimum room. Some of our popularly utilized storage solutions are discussed below.

Add-ons and shelves: At Suntew we often incorporate small add-ons like narrow shelves and tiny closets in our décor solutions to help you make the best use of your living spaces. Stagger shelves and ladder-style storage spaces occupy less surface area while offering storage for items of diverse sizes.

Decorative storage: Our expert team of designers infuses aesthetics into storage solutions to offer storage and décor at the same time. For example, an artful vintage tray in the living room offers as a storage space for remotes and cell phones while enhancing the beauty of the living space.

Suntew also offers an exquisite range of versatile furnishings. We can cater to your furniture needs depending on the area of your living space. Finally, our interior decorators are equally capable of designing commercial spaces. They ensure that their cutting-edge designs effectively optimize your office space while reflecting your brand message.