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Landscape Design in Bangalore

Entrance landscape design in Bangalore

Entrance Landscape design in Bangalore can be defined as the art of creating an aesthetic outdoors. Any feature added to the outdoors or your compound, to make it look more appealing, can be called landscaping.

Top Landscape Contractors in Bangalore mostly deals with garden beautification and aesthetics. Landscaping is an important part of a home. Apart from adding monetary value, it adds an aesthetic appeal to the property.

Suntew interior designers, regarded as one of the Best Landscape Designers in Bangalore, are also landscaping experts landscape inside house. Our experience over the years has made us one of the most renowned landscaping designers in Bangalore. We consider landscaping an integral part of the services we provide our clients.

At Suntew, we have the capabilities of transforming a dull front yard into a mesmerizing and enchanting garden space. From creating ponds to pondless waterfalls and rock gardens, our team of landscaping experts has turned heads when it comes to creating captivating gardens and backyards.


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We take into consideration gardening and landscaping a number of factors before landscaping your open spaces. We know that the exterior and interior of your homes must be well-coordinated with the outdoor landscaping and for this purpose we use a variety of colour combinations to spellbind the onlooker. We work with various landscaping features

  • Border flower beds and hedges
  • Ponds
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Rock gardens
  • Shrubs
  • Fountain features
  • Walking ways
  • Pathways
  • Fences
  • Garden seats
  • Garden deco
  • Lighting

We draw up the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore and the most front home garden design exquisite landscape design in Bangalore plans for your home and office space. Our team of landscape artists comprises engineers, architects, planners, and gardeners so that we are able to cater to all landscaping needs of our clients.

While drawing landscape designs, we keep in mind several factors like size, orientation, colour mode, and other related factors. For Entrance landscape design We keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends and modern designs to provide you with the most fascinating landscaping design ideas. From garden landscaping designs to water features, we offer a wide range of customized landscape design plans .

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At Suntew, types of landscape designs are available  we know what the adverse effects the weather can have on the exterior of your home and garden.  We suggest all-year-round durable construction material for all your landscaping features. Our experts understand the land and offer the best possible landscaping solutions for your exterior design.

With Suntew as your most trusted Landscaping services in Bangalore, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed. We incorporate living elements into your garden making it an eye-catcher in your neighborhood. From well-planned water features to lush green lawns and aesthetically placed garden deco, we create enthralling outdoor spaces that captivate the mind and the soul.

Whether it’s the renovation or revamping of your outdoors or creating a new landscaping design, Suntew is known to provide the best. We offer practical as well as ornamental landscaping designs for gardens. Our landscape design ideas incorporate ideas that satisfy the needs of our clients.

At Suntew, we ensure that our Entrance landscape designer in Bangalore  plans are in perfect harmony with nature. We believe that the idea of landscaping springs from the very essence of nature. We strive to work with natural elements available and blend them with already existing land features present in your space. From the terrain of the land, its elevation, and shape, we work around these natural features to provide you with the most unique landscaping design plans for your home.