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Interior Designing and Decoration, An Hidden Treasure for Happiness

Interior Designing and Decoration, an Hidden Treasure for Happiness

As humans, we need a variety of structures to do specific activities. We need a home to live in, an office to work at, a mall to shop in, a hotel to eat at and a whole lot of other places to carry out other functions.

Given the bigger brain we possess, we seldom are happy with similar structures for similar activities and almost always seek to create something unique. Thus, despite similar functionality, we want unique houses, buildings, factories, industries, arcades, and the lot.

A structure may get its birth on a piece of paper called a blueprint but as it’s built, come in engineers, architects, masons, and many other designers complete the project beautifully from all angles inside and out. An architect will design and build the house but an interior designer makes the house, a home worth living in. So what is interior designing?

Almost all forms of design are a combination of art and science and interior design and decoration also go along the same lines. Interior designing is done by an interior designer and on its whole, refers to the art of designing homes and rooms for perfect home design.

The services of interior decorators are required in a variety of fields including residential, commercial, industrial, and others. They plan, conduct research, and coordinate design projects with their clients to manage construction projects to meet deadlines and budgets.

Ultimately, their goal is to create a better environment for the inhabitants of a building, specific to its purpose.

An interior decorator has to make several decisions limited to their specialization. In other words, there are different sectors of interior design like Residential interior design, Interior Designer, Restaurant interior design, or Office interior design, and you may need a different type of interior design depending on the type of work.

Different people have different tastes and so, the field of new home furniture design interior design work is very dynamic. Some designs make look overtly attractive but without the assistance of a qualified interior designer, the choice of looks over functionality can lead to a disaster. Hence, interior decorators work in a variety of sectors to ensure the best design possible.

There are different types of interior design sectors interior designers can work in and they do keep moving into new areas to enhance their knowledge and experience.

Be it from working on a luxurious bungalow or the interiors of a cruise ship, there is no limit to the extent of diversity in interior designing. Here are some of the most popular interior design sectors.

1. Residential Interior Design:

People need a structurally safe and sound building equipped with the necessary amenities to live happily. But the best house or residential apartment is only as good as its design. If it’s a mess, then it won’t attract any residents. Hence, residential interior design is very important besides being an integral part of the architecture.

Generally, high-end properties make use of residential interior design as the owners usually have a theme in their mind and know what type of a residence they’d love to live in. However, residential interior design is also used in multi-unit developments and small local estates as well.

In end, the residential interior design focuses on smaller groups of people and creates a relaxing atmosphere. It ensures that the residence is usable and comfortable. It makes the place an abode to relax, cook and eat in. It may also include spaces to entertain small groups of guests and a home office to work in.

2. Restaurant Interior Design:

People will get hungry sooner or later and need a welcoming establishment serving delicious food to satiate their hunger. However, it is not an easy thing to have a food establishment that is simultaneously welcoming, on-brand and functional.

Besides, the competition among every other establishment in the F&B including restaurants, ice-cream parlors, and cafes only makes the challenge tougher.

Though many eaters do not realize there is a specific reason they have chosen a particular eatery, the interior design of a restaurant has a strong impact on the customer’s psychology. It affects how long they will stay or how much more or less they will order.

Hence, it is safe to consider Restaurant interior design as an important part of your restaurant marketing strategy.

The first impression dictates how the customer will perceive the brand. It gives them an idea of what level of service they can expect and if they did like to come back again.

In the 21st century of digital communication, the interior design of your restaurant becomes a silent salesman. Only an attractive restaurant will get shared on social media which in turn will attract more customers.

Good interior design is a marketing opportunity and is a great way of connecting with the target audience. Having a unique interior makes it attractive to the public since people love to associate themselves with something new and unique.

3. Office Interior Design:

This is a part of commercial interior design specific to office settings. In the modern world with modern workplace culture, a modern office design is well recommended. A comfortable space for employees to work and interact in boosts creativity, collaboration and productivity.

With the migration of companies toward remote and hybrid work, the traditional cubicle maze setup has started to vanish. There is a rising focus on incorporating natural elements, the creation of multi-purpose common areas, and better utilization of wall space.

The best Office interior design is the one that is right for the organization. An office needs to be well-lit preferably naturally lit and not gloomy, especially in the common areas as it creates an energetic environment. Make use of proper color that resonates with your company’s brand color and vision.

Make use of wall murals and environmental graphics on wall spaces to further inspire your employees thus creating a unified visual environment instead of sticking to a boring monochromatic wall.

4. Commercial Interior Design:

The commercial world is huge and a business works best when it is presented best. Hence, interior design will either make or break a brick-and-mortar business. Therefore one must give great attention to getting it done correctly.  

Furnishing a business is challenging since there are many factors to take into consideration. The entire budget, branding, and the general atmosphere can be changed with a few pieces of furniture.

Whether you are creating an office, hotel, or retail outlet, the professional touch of a commercial interior designer can create wonders for your business. It can create a pleasant and inviting environment for potentially hundreds of customers that will find your business in a prominent location.

The main benefit of commercial interior design is that it provides convenience for your business. But it is not just about aesthetics but also about making the right balance between branding, accessibility, and practicality. After all, every business owner would like to have a timeless and elegant layout for their business operations.

5. Industrial Interior Design:

Like residential and commercial spaces, even industries need a well-designed layout for efficient productivity. Industrial interior design focuses on designing and improving factories, warehouses, and other types of industrial facilities to make the industrial space more efficient and inviting. Incidentally, efficiency is given a greater preference over style in industrial interior designing.

One can argue that commercial and industrial design are the same since commercial design can include everything other than residential projects. However, industrial design may be used as a style of minimalist design philosophy.

In other words, incorporating an industrial home design style will involve exposed architectural elements like pipes, brick, and concrete. It is completely based on minimalism and favors functionality over decoration or formality.  

6. Education Interior Design:

All educational institutions need a well-designed interior that promotes the spirit of learning. Schools, colleges, and other forms of educational institutions need an approachable and comfortable space for students to learn.

Thus, an education interior designer will have to create an environment devoid of distractions but abundant with a mood for boosting a thirst for inquisitiveness. Education interior designing is also a rewarding challenge for interior decorators as they become part of an effort to create a country’s brighter future.

7. Marine Interior Design:

The luxury market and cruise ships require a high level of interior design to promote their idea of prestige and indulgence. Cruise ships are essential hotels on the high seas and hence have to compete with on-land hotels and holiday destinations.

It is a glamorous industry and the interior designer will have to blend the feeling of luxury with the efficiency of space management and movement.  

8. Aviation Interior Design

Aviation interior design is also known as aircraft cabin design and is made of a combination of floor planning, information and entertainment integration, and installation.

It also includes safety regulation implementation and interior decorating, all of which are achieved within the limited space of an airplane. The interior design of an aircraft includes everything from window dressing and seat fabric to wiring, lighting, and much more.

Generally, most aircraft passengers only fly domestic or rare international flights. Hence it is easy to miss all the variety in cabin design features since most of the best in luxury are usually seen in luxury carriers, private and business jets, or charter companies.

However, since the post-COVID-19 pandemic, many major carriers are planning on changing in the future. They are planning to change the layouts of business, first-class, and economy plus cabins by giving passengers more room without reducing capacity.

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