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7 Ideas to make your home entrance elegant


Entryway or Foyers are the perfect way to establish an impressive welcoming vibe in your house or office space. Be it a massive foyer or barely there’s space, this area is the first room that people notice.you can make your home entrance elegant by following the steps the top designers given.

What is Foyer in a house?

The foyer in a house is the entryway within the privacy of a home. A foyer mostly leads to the areas of your home where visitors are entertained. For example, when you have guests the first space to be noticed is the entryway. Hence it is important for it to look warm and trendy. 

Before designing a beautiful Foyer ask yourself these questions

Does your home reflect your personality? 

What does it say about you? 

Decorating your entrance is the best way to reflect your interests and character.

Setting up an entryway you would love to come back to is a great thing to give importance to. It doesn’t really require as much work as other rooms.

At SUNTEW, we believe the entrance sets the tone for the space and so we apply more creativity to make this small space charming, yet impactful!

Keep reading for our designer’s favorite entrance foyer design ideas to help you build a stylish first impression. This is a perfect guide to make most of this space, whether large or small, in no time!


  1. Pick a color Palette

Are you confused about how to create an entry decor? Start by picking a color to unify the space. Next, you can choose the decor by keeping the palette or the shades in mind. That was quite easy, wasn’t it?

  1. Statement Mirrors

Since the entrance foyer is the last thing you see, how about jazzing it up with a stylish mirror? You can always have your last-minute make-up or outfit checks without any chaos. One can also try a full-height mirror if you don’t have one in the bedroom.

what is a foyer in a house

  1. Consider functionality along with beauty

An entryway foyer is the first area you set your foot into and the last space you see before stepping out. Hence along with aesthetic values, it is important to focus on functionality. 

Think about the last moment touches you need and create an entryway design in a manner that reminds you to take them with you. For example drawers for mail or for essentials like your keys and wallet, and hooks to hang your bag or umbrella will help you organize your life!

  1. Add personal touch

A personal touch is always good to come to after a long day at work. A foyer needs to be designed with extra care so that next time you come back home you are welcomed by the things you love. 

Use photographs of your family, sculptures from your trip, or decor that represents you or your family. Personal touch to your entrance can instantly feel like your perfect retreat!

  1. Make seating for your tired feet

You can build seats if you or your family have a habit of sitting while you put on your shoes. This is a great option for houses with small entryways. If you are looking for an entrance foyer with a shoe rack, the best advice is to make it a piece of multifunctional furniture. This way, you could just pull your shoes out of the rack, sit on top of it, and put on your shoes.

  1. Jaali for privacy

A jaali can be used to break up an open floor plan without consuming much space or budget. You can use a jaali to divide your entrance from the living area. Jaali designs can be made on various materials according to one’s taste and budget.

  1. Add natural texture

The secret ingredient to every beautiful decor is texture! You can add textured elements like rugs, weathered wood, jute bags, or woven baskets to enhance the doorway. To spice up your design add all or a few of the above natural elements to your style.

We hope this information about various ways to build a foyer is useful to you. If you want to renovate your house or office and are confused about the theme for the entryway, then leave it to the expert designers of SUNTEW. 

You can book a free online consultation with our best design experts for personalized guidance!

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