The Ultimate Guide to Home Interior Designing

The ultimate guide to home interior designing | Best Interior Designers in Mangalore

Home is where the heart is and that is why home interior designing is important. Home interiors must reflect your personality and style. It is a known fact that everyone wishes to have a beautiful home that radiates happiness.

The misconception here is that people are of the opinion that great home interior designs are a result of consultations with expensive interior designers. However, to the contrary, not all home interior designers are expensive and exorbitant.

Suntew interior designers in mangalore, a leading interior designing company in Mangalore, is your budget friendly approach to great home interiors.

At Suntew, we follow a tried and tested approach to home interior designs. Our team of interior designers, decorators and engineers are guided by the principles of good home interior designing which result in eye-catching designs along with comfort and solace to the homeowner.

The ultimate guide to good home interior designing- room by room

Let’s quickly go through a small handbook that can guide you in creating the most marvelous spaces in your home.

Living room interior design

The living room live space interior is usually the space you use to entertain your guests. It is the soul of your inviting, warm home. Therefore, the living room must be a space that reflects your personality and style. Try to mix colours and balance them out with the colours of your upholstery.

The latest trend is to match your floor colour with the colour of your furniture fabric and wall. You can use a patch of wallpaper to brighten up the place. Cushions for your living room interior design can bring life to your living room.

Kitchen interior design

The kitchen area is a tricky space. Not only should it look appealing but also be practical and workable for daily use. For an appealing kitchen usually, a bright kitchen with blending lights and a clear table top must be your aim.

A kitchen is always seasoned with love and should look and feel the same too. A kitchen requires professional planning and it is advisable to contact the best modern kitchen mangalore like Suntew Interiors in Mangalore for all your interior designing needs.

Bedroom interior design

Any full bedroom interior design in a home must be a serene and comfortable space that promotes good vibes and great sleep. It is a space where you need to relax and rejuvenate your spirits for a long day ahead.

A bedroom interior design is a personal choice and can be styled according to your taste. You can accessorize your bedroom with small lights, colourful bedspreads and elegant furniture.

Things to consider before you begin your home interior design

Before you begin designing the interior of your home, it is advisable to consider a few things:


Budget or financial allocations is one of the foremost factors to consider before you start your home interior design. Once you have a budget try to work within the set budget. You can procure items from a wholesale dealer to cut costs.

You can also let your interior designer know about the budget allocated for your home interior designs. Professional interior designers like Suntew interiors are budget friendly designers that offer economical interiors for customers.


It is important to know what style you wish to have your house interiors designed in. Would you like a contemporary design or a more traditional style? Depending on what type of style you wish for you can plan your room interior design of your beautiful home.

Colour coordinates

Colour is what brings life to your home. This does not mean that you simply choose bright colours to make your space lively. Colours need to be well planned ahead. The colours you choose must coordinate with the walls and upholstery fabric. You can choose sober colours but still make your house a lively home.


A home is never home unless it’s as comfortable as you want it to be. While designing your interior space, always keep comfort in mind. A piece of furniture that looks good but is uncomfortable to sit on will give you only momentary pleasure.

After a while, you want your furniture to be more practical. So, always make sure that along with eye-catching deco, keep comfort in mind.


These tips may come in handy while you plan your home interior designs. Remember, for best results it is always advisable to contact a professional interior designer. Interior designers have the knowledge and experience of what works in your home and what does not.

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