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Best Interior Designers in Whitefield Bangalore

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. It’s where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends”. 

A living space is much more than just four walls and a roof. It is the storehouse of all your valuable possessions both tangible and intangible. Interior design is mandatory for transforming a mere living place into a sanctuary of comfort and joy. For a long time, people misunderstood interior design as a means to make their home look pretty. However, the increasing demand for interior design services has revealed its hidden utility. A well-designed interior not only spikes the visual appeal of your home but also infuses positivity and happiness into the space. It makes you feel attached to the place by reverberating your personality and showcasing your preferences.Most importantly, it doubles the appeal of your home by combining aesthetics with functionality; everything from layout, flow, and organization of spaces is optimized to enhance the functionality of your space and elevate your well-being.

An experienced and capable interior designer breathes life into interior designs by blending aesthetics, functionality, and personalization. Scanning the sea of interior design firms to find the perfect match for your home can be frustrating. 

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Born in 2020, SunTew is amongst the best affordable interior designers in Bangalore, thanks to its expert interior designers, mastery of various design styles, and top-notch customer service.

Interior Designers in Whitefield

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SunTew's Approach to Designing the Best Interiors in Whitefield

At SunTew, the happiness and satisfaction of our customers are our top priority. We understand that trusting someone with the responsibility of designing your precious home is difficult.  So, we ensure that their requirements, opinions, and concerns are heard. Before beginning the design process, SunTew’s design team consults with the clients to understand their requirements and preferences and learn more about their personalities, styles, and budgets. They use all this information while laying out the interior design blueprint. Once the project is in progress, SunTew connects homeowners to the design process by sharing updates on work progress frequently and noting client feedback. Over the last four years, SunTew has exceeded the expectations of hundreds of homeowners by crafting personalized interior design solutions tailored to the client’s taste and requirements. From delivering coordinated turnkey solutions to offering ‘design-only’ or ‘furniture-design’, SunTew’s interior design solutions are completely flexible. Finally, being one of the leading home interior designers in Whitefield, we assure you a hassle-free home decor experience; all our projects are completely supervised by team SunTew.

Services Offered by SunTew in Bangalore

Whitefield is becoming a prominent official hub in Bangalore. As a result, the region is witnessing a fast-expanding population, especially between the ages of 23 to 45 years. Their desire to craft a beautiful habitat has increased the demand for interior decor services in Whitefield. SunTew is one of the best companies for designing interiors in Whitefield. To cater to almost every type of interior design needs, we offer an array of flexible interior design services.  Let’s explore some of SunTew’s services. 

From renovating a small corner of your room to designing your entire living space SunTew’s residential interior design solutions fit your needs. It offers interior decor solutions for the living room, bedroom, pooja room, kids room, kitchen, and washroom.

SunTew is a leading commercial interior designer focusing on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and offices. Our designs reflect the brand identity while meeting client needs, and maximizing the space efficiency. 

SunTew excels at crafting affordable office interior designs. Not only do these designs improve the functionality of the space but they also boost the productivity of the employees and help them work in comfort.

SunTew is among the top interior designers in Whitefield Bangalore that offer stress-free and completely coordinated turnkey solutions for home and commercial areas.

SunTew’s interior designers offer customized furniture designs that complement the homeowner’s taste and are cohesive with the interior design style. Also, the furniture layout planned by our designers enhances the functionality of living spaces.

SunTew guarantees a hassle-free execution of your interior design projects. Our team of adept designers facilitates proper project management including every process from concept design to completion. Moreover, SunTew’s end-to-end project supervision eliminates unwanted confusion. 

Suntew's Portfolio For Interior Design

Be it contemporary or traditional, just name your preferred interior design style and SunTew will have it done. We work with versatile interior designers capable of crafting a diverse palette of design styles like modern, traditional, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, and industrial. Our clients love our luxurious yet affordable interior designs.

Come let’s give you a tour of our past projects.

Client Testimonials

SunTew has won the hearts of its clients with its hassle-free high-quality interior design services and raw materials. Many clients keep coming back to SunTew for their home decor needs. Let’s hear what our clients have to say about our services.

Why Choose SunTew for Interior Design in Whitefield, Bangalore

SunTew was established in 2020. Over the last 4 years, SunTew has worked on numerous interior design projects in different regions of Bangalore and Mangalore. It has been the top choice for home interior design in Whitefield for a lot of reasons. Here are some perks of choosing SunTew as your interior designer. 

  • Our designers have experience and expertise in handling a variety of design projects including luxurious villas, contemporary homes, offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces in Bangalore and Mangalore. Leveraging their creative thinking ability our designers offer unique architectural designs.   
  • SunTew is a budget-friendly interior designer offering high-quality customized designs within the promised time. We usually deliver our projects within 45 days. 
  • We have access to a strong network of suppliers and contractors who offer the best quality raw materials and services at a reasonable price. 
  • To add to these, SunTew offers flexible project solutions, coordinated turnkey interior solutions, and end-to-end site supervision. 

Process For Interior Design of SunTew

Interior Desgin Process

SunTew has been amongst the top choices for home interior design in Whitefield, thanks to our customer-centric approach and transparency in our services. We keep our customers involved in the project by informing them about the progress of the design process. We also ensure they are always aware of where their money is being invested. The chart below shows a step-by-step explanation of SunTew’s design process.

    FAQs For Interior Design

    The duration of an interior design project depends upon factors like the complexity of the project and the deliverables. However, leading interior designers in Whitefield Bangalore like SunTew finish interior design projects within a maximum of 45 days.

    Absolutely. SunTew offers maximum priority to customer satisfaction. Therefore, each of SunTew’s designs is customized to the preferences and requirements of the homeowners.

    The cost of an interior design project depends on some factors like the size of the project, its complexity and requirements, the location of the client, and a lot more. However, on average, the cost of interior design projects ranges between 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs. 

    Source: https://www.nobroker.in/blog/interior-design-cost-in-bangalore/#:~:text=Answer%20%E2%80%93%20Interior%20design%20cost%20in,you%20are%20thinking%20of%20making</span rel=”nofollow”>.

    Check out more FAQs on interior design.

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