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Best Interior decorators in Bangalore

15 Best Interior decorators in Bangalore for your interior design needs

How hard is it to find a suitable interior decorator in Bangalore? Well, it is harder than you think. The city of Bangalore houses hundreds of Home decorators  firms. With every firm competing for your attention, it gets difficult to identify the right one. Detailed research is essential before making a decision. However, this is a timely process and the one thing our busy lives lack is time.

To help you take that first step towards designing your home interior we have created a list of 15 best interior decorators in Bangalore. It covers all the essential points that you might need to know.

1. Suntew

interior decorators Bangalore

Within a short span of 4 years, SunTew has emerged as one of the leading interior decorators in Bangalore. Its dedicated team of designers weave interior decor solutions with care and experience. Whatever may your interior design dream be, SunTew will make it come to life. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


It is no wonder that SunTew is becoming the first choice of many homeowners for their interior decor needs. Its special features are aimed at delivering a seamless interior decor experience.

  • SunTew believes in gifting a stress-free decor experience to its clients, thanks to its end-to-end decor solutions and project supervision.
  • With SunTew, you can use an existing kitchen design or customize it as per hour requirement.
  • SunTew offers 100% project flexibility. Both “design-only” and “furniture design” solution solutions are available at SunTew.
  • SunTew’s seasoned interior designers combine functionality and aesthetics to craft customized interior decor solutions.


SunTew offers an array of interior décor solutions to homeowners across Bangalore and Mangalore. Here is a list of these.

  • End-to-end house exterior design
  • Landscape design
  • Modular Kitchen Design
  • Interior decoration of residential and commercial areas
  • Furniture customization
  • All civil, electrical and plumbing works
  • Bedroom, living room and kitchen interior design


Before designing your home you should clarify all queries relating to it. Being one of the leading interior designers in Bangalore, SunTew can help you here.

Address (for Bangalore branch): 1st floor, Parvathamma Complex, 6th main, LIG 1st Stage, KHB Colony, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore-56007

Phone: 8951500340 / 9902330233

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://suntew.com


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2. Design Integratus

In 2014, Design Integrates was established by Harish Kumar. Over a decade the firm has paved its way to become one of the best interior decorators in Bangalore. Here is all that you need to know about the it. 


Design Integratus’ motto is to craft simple designs that are meaningful to homeowners. The designers blend man-made and natural elements to craft timeless designs. Certain features of the firm set it apart from its competitors.

  • Its seasoned designers craft design plans meticulously, keeping the details in mind.
  • It uses high-quality materials in its projects


Design Integratus offers the following services

  • Residential Interior design
  • Commercial design
  • Designing Institutional buildings
  • Industrial building design

 Contact: Get in touch with the Design Integratus team to know more about their work process and prices.

Address: 2nd floor,142 Infantry Road, opp The Hindu, Bangalore – 560001, India

Phone: 9986074972

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.design-integratus.com/


3. 100 Krafts

100 Krafts has more than 10 years of experience in interior decoration. The firm is essentially an interior solution platform that offers customized interior designs. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


100 Kraft’s uniqueness lies in its choice of thematic designs over fixed ones. Here are some of the strong points of the firm.

  • It offers 100% customized designs
  • The firm uses premium-quality materials
  • 100 Krafts offer an end to end-design solutions


Let us look at the services that 100 Krafts offers.

  • Interior design consultation
  • Interior Execution
  • Interior renovation
  • Decor & Furnishing
  • Virtual Interior Design


Connect with 100 Krafts to clarify all your doubts about its services and prices.

Address: 17/1 – 536, First Floor, ARB Complex Above UDUPI SAVIRUCHI RESTAURANT Opposite Back Gate of AKME HARMONY Apartments, Bellandur Main Rd, Ambalipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103​

Phone: +918867271754

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.100krafts.com/


In the last 10 years, 100 Krafts have completed more than 2700 projects. It is of the leading creative interior designers in Bangalore. Here are some testimonials from its happy clients.

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4.A360 Architects

A360 Architects is one of the renowned interior decorators in Bangalore. The firm’s experienced designers are passionate about their creations. They create every design after detailed conversations with their clients. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


A360 Architects’ specialty lies in the care with which they handle each home interior project. Their client-oriented approach has helped them nurture long-term relationships with their clients. Apart from these some other strengths of the firm include:

  • Constant client support
  • Use of best-in-class materials
  • Reasonable cost
  • Timely completion of projects


Here is a list of services that A360 Architects offer.

  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Interior Design


Get in touch with A360 Architects to know more about their services.


Phone: +91 9845038192

Website: https://a360architects.com/



Aristolite has been operating in the interior decor market of Bangalore since 2011. Fueled by their expert craftsmanship the firm creates innovative designs. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


There are many leading interior decorators in Bangalore. However, each one of them has diverse strengths setting them apart from the others. Here are some specialties of Aristolite

  • The firm offers end-to-end interior design services including factory finish woodwork.
  • Aristolite’s innovative designs can transform your living space completely.
  • The firm offers diverse scales of interior design services.


Here is a list of services that Aristolite offers.

  • Residential Interior
  • 3D design layouts
  • Retail designs
  • Interior designs
  • Decoration art
  • Architecture


Get in touch with team Aristolite to know more about their services.

Address: No 13, 2nd Floor, 32nd E Cross, Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

Phone: +919164643000

Email: [email protected]

Website:  https://www.aristolite.com



6.Akarsh Designs

With a rich portfolio of 500-plus projects Akarsh Designs has emerged as one of the leading interior decorators in Bangalore. The firm leverages its 16 years of interest to craft exceptional living spaces. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


The founder of Akarsh Designs, Charts Raykar infuses the essence of culture and values into interior designs. We have discussed some strong points of Akarsh Designs.

  • The firm promises transparency in client communication, design process, pricing, and finances.
  • It crafts elegant designs and uses high-quality materials
  • Akarsh Designs offers end-to-end project management


Here is the list of services offered by Akarsh Designs.

  • Creation of theme-based designs
  • End-to-end execution services
  • Modular home interiors
  • Customized furniture


Get in touch with Akarsh Designs to know more about their price packages and services.

Address: 673/A, Thubarahalli village Varthur Main Road, Opp. SKR Convention Centre, above Apollo Medical Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Phone: +918088614787

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://akarshdesigns.com/


7. Royallinks

The aim of transforming empty spaces into comfortable and peaceful abodes gave birth to Royallinks. It strives to create a pleasant experience for its clients; around 1500 design projects by the company. Here is all that you need to know about the firm. 


The best thing about Royallinks is that the company offers both construction and design services. Be it residential, commercial or institutional buildings Royallinks can build and design them. Here are some other perks of hiring Royallinks.

  • Being one of the oldest interior decorators in Bangalore the company has an experienced team of architects, engineers, designers and Vaastu experts. Moreover, it uses high-tech industrial machinery to craft eco-friendly buildings with trending designs.
  • Team Royallinks take responsibility for the entire construction and decor project, right from planning to completion.
  • The firm guarantees transparency in its work process, pricing and finances.
  • Royallinks construction process adheres to mentioned standards. Plus, the firm uses premium quality materials.


Here is a list of services provided by Royallinks

  • End-to-end construction of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Interior design.


Get in touch with Royallinks to know more about their price packages and services.

Address: No: 765, 16th Main,22nd, Cross, First Floor 3rd Sector, near HSR Club, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91 99806 43040, +91 97314 55505

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.royallinks.in/


8. De Panache

Tired of the same old interior designs? Adorn your home with a sleek interior design from De Panache. In the last decade, the firm has crafted hundreds of minimalist interior designs that are one of a kind. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.


Here are some specialties of De Panache which help it stand out from its competitors.

  • De Panache’s experienced designers spend time talking to homeowners and learning their wishes, preferences and requirements; the decor solutions incorporate these elements into their designs.
  • The firm offers you a wide range of design styles including contemporary, chic, rustic, traditional and electric.
  • Be it a minor decor modification or an elaborate renovation, De Panache has got you covered.


Let’s look at the list of services that De Panache offers.

  • Residential interior design services
  • Apartment interior design services
  • Villa interior design services
  • Kitchen interior design services


Get in touch with team De Panache to know more about their price packages and services.


Phone: 91 96201 31348

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://depanache.in/



Adeelite was born in 2010 with the. Over the last 14 years, this firm has emerged as one of the top interior decorators in Bangalore. Fueled by creative energy and thinking it crafts effective decor solutions with ease. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.


Let us look at some of the specialties of Adeelite

  • Team Adeelite’s design solutions are sustainable. It uses eco-friendly materials in its projects.
  • The company prioritizes its client’s requirements. They create an environment where the clients feel welcome to communicate their opinions and raise queries.


Adeelite offers an array of services. Let us look at some of them.

  • Workplace Design
  • Designing coworking spaces
  • Institutional designs
  • Construction services
  • Consulting services


Get in touch with Adeelite to know more about its services.

Address: 206 Raheja Plaza

Richmond Road, Ashok Nagar

Bengaluru 560025, India

Phone: +91 080 40977458

Email: [email protected]



10. Bluesky

Bluesky aims to bring home a fulfilling decor experience to its clients. Its skilled professionals craft customized design solutions that are aligned with modern trends. Here are some other perks of hiring Bluesky.


Making your name in Bangalore’s highly competitive interior design space is very difficult. However, Bluesky has become one of the popular interior decorators in Bangalore. Here are some strengths of the firm.

  • Bluesky offers a wide range of design styles including vintage, futuristic, neoclassical and eclectic.
  • Team Bluesky helps homeowners with furnishing and colouring suggestions based on your requirements and tastes.
  • It offers 3D modelling for design projections to help you get an impression of your finished home decor in advance.


Bluesky provides interior design services by focusing on elements like color, form, light, space and texture. Its team of experienced designers humify living spaces by fusing personalization into its designs.


Address: 14, 1st stage, Nagarbhavi Circle Service Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

Phone: 96869 72677

Email:[email protected]

Website: https://blueskyconcepts.in/




FABDIZ works to create a seamless interior decor experience for its clients. The team has researched to identify and solve the commonly faced hassles in the interior design process. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.  


Let’s look at some perks of working with FABDIZ.

  • The firm offers Turnkey solutions all over India
  • FABDIZ guarantees fast project completion within 45 days.
  • Team FABDIZ plans every project with passion and meticulousness to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • The firm delivers high-quality projects to home and office owners.
  • FABDIZ provides after-sales services to its customers.


  • Residential interior design
  • Construction and renovation
  • Office interior design
  • Interior design of educational spaces


Address: 218, 9th Main Rd,1st Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560043

Phone: 009196064 59716

Website: https://fabdiz.com/residential-interior-design/


12. Factree Interior Design Studio

The firm offers unique and creative interior design solutions for residential, commercial and corporate offices. Its team of designers have experience in handling decor projects of different complexities. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.  


Factree Interior Design Studio is one of the best home decorators in Bangalore. Here are some of its best features.

  • Factree’s team of interior designers is talented enough to handle both commercial and residential interiors equally well.
  • Factoree helps its clients understand what the latter requires and crafts an effective solution accordingly.
  • Be it designing a single room or setting up the furniture Factree has got you covered.


Factree offers flexible decor solutions that are tailored to the needs of home or office owners. Every aspect including colours, textiles, and design style is chosen to keep the client’s taste and personality. Here is a list of services offered by Factree.

  • Design Consultation
  • Residential Interior decor (for all rooms)
  • Kitchen Interior
  • Bathroom interior
  • Other services
    • Carpet Installation
    • Interior Painting
    • Tile installation
    • Custom Shutter Installation


Reach out to Factree to know more about their services and prices.

Address: 28,2nd floor, Nostalgia complex, Robertson Rd, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005

Phone: +91 9886 275 677, +91 9886 275 677

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://factree.co.in/


13. Utopia Interiors and Architects

UTOPIA interiors

Established in 2010 Utopia Interiors and Architects is one of the top interior decorators in Bangalore. If you are looking for budget-friendly interior designers then Utopia Interiors and Architects can be the one for you. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.  


Why should you choose Utopia Interiors and Architects? Here are the reasons.

  • Team Utopia draws on its decade of experience to craft successful design solutions.
  • The firm uses top-class materials in its projects
  • Utopia assures you to get 100% value for money.



80 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Bangalore.

Phone: 8197852111

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://utopiainteriors.in/


  • Interior Services
    • Turnkey Interior.
    • On-Site Execution.
    • Factory Finish.
    • Modular wardrobe.
    • Modular kitchen.
    • Carpenter work.
  • Interior Designing
    • 2D Floor plan.
    • 3D Interior Design.
    • Exterior
    • 2D And 3D Elevation Design.
    • Walk through the Video.
  • Interior Decoration
    • Customized Furniture.
    • Customized Sofa Set.
    • Painting services.
    • False Ceiling.
    • Electrical services.
    • Antique Furniture.


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14. Wudzo Home Interiors

WUDZO interiors

WUDZO is one of the leading home decorators in Bangalore. Team WUDZO works to beautify your home inside and out. It has crafted over 1200 interior designs for various homes across Bangalore. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.  


Let’s look at some of the specialties of Wudzo Home Interiors.

  • The firm offers a 10-year warranty for its products and services.
  • WUDZO provides up to 50 quality checks before product delivery.
  • It guarantees delivery within 45 days.
  • WUDZO offers end-to-end design solutions to its clients.
  • The best part is that WUDZO offers personalized projects and price quotes


Here is a list of some services offered by WUDZO Home Interiors

  • Living room design
  • Bathroom design
  • Nursery design
  • Playroom design
  • Sunroom Design and Construction
  • Entryway design
  • Bedroom design
  • Custom Pantry design


Wudzo Interior Designers have its branches all across Bangalore. Get in touch with them to know more about their pricing and work process.


1704,19th Main, 25th Cross Rd, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +917577999000

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://wudzo.com/contact/


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WUDZO interior decorators


DEZINEPRO interiors

Dezinepro is amongst the fastest-growing interior decorators in Bangalore. The firm’s broad client base reflects DEZINEPRO’s expertise in interior design. Here is all that you need to know about the firm.  


Let us look at some key reasons for choosing DEZINEPRO.

  • DEZINEPRO’s team of experienced designers offers professional and high-quality services.
  • DEZINEPRO design process is detail-oriented. It ensures none of the client requirements are skipped.
  • Not only do they ensure a fast delivery but it also provides great customer service.


Here is a list of the key services offered by DEZINEPRO.

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Living Room Design
  • Wardrobe
  • Vanity unit
  • Landscape Design
  • Commercial Project
  • Home Theatre


Get in touch with DEZINEPRO to clarify your doubts.

Address: 507, 1st floor, 50 feet main road,

Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore – 560078

Phone: 9606752277

Email: [email protected]

Website https://dezinepro.com/



1. How much does interior design cost in Bangalore?

The cost of interior design projects varies depending on the project deliverables and requirements. However, on average, a 1 BHK home interior design costs around 2.5 – 4.5 lakhs in Bangalore. Similarly, the cost of interior design for a 3BHK is somewhere between 6 – 10 lakhs.

2. Will I get an opportunity to consult with your designers before finalizing the project?

Of course, you will. Most leading interior decorators in Bangalore including SunTew have the opportunity for free consultation calls. You can connect with seasoned interior designers over the call and figure out the entire design process and budget.

3. Do I need to follow up with the project while it is in progress?

Absolutely not. Design firms like SunTew offer complete supervision of projects. Throughout the execution of the plan, a team of experienced designers will be monitoring the project’s progress. Moreover, the team will connect with you regularly to keep you updated about the developments in the project.

4. Can design firms work according to my budget?

Well, some firms do offer the option of a personalized budget. Here, the services will be delivered depending on the client’s budget.

5. Will the firm handle the purchasing and installation of furnishings and materials?

Of course, it will. Most firms will allow you to opt for start-to-end projects. Here everything including buying and installation of furniture and other materials is handled by the design firm.