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Interior Designers Services in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Welcome to SunTew, your premier destination for exquisite interior design solutions in Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Established in 2020, SunTew is amongst the leading interior designers in Marathahalli Bangalore with over 4 years of experience designing interiors. The aim of transforming your interior design dreams into reality led to the birth of SunTew. Since its first day, the company has been offering seamless client-centric commercial and home decor solutions to the people of Karnataka. It has carefully hand-picked a competent and experienced interior designer team that offers personalized, functional, and aesthetical decor solutions. At SunTew, your homes and office spaces reflect your personalities and ambitions. Being one of Bangalore’s largest custom home decor providers we offer a wide range of flexible interior design services aligned with your preference and taste.

Please remember, that you do not have to break the bank to get a luxuriously designed space. At SunTew, we understand the value of your hard-earned money. We specialize in crafting interior design and decorations that are pocket-friendly yet have a touch of luxury to them. 

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About Marathahalli, Bangalore:

Resting on the outskirts of Bangalore city in Karnataka India, is the eastern suburb of Marathahalli. It was one of the first areas to be completely built in Bangalore. Well-connected to different prominent regions of Bangalore (like Whitefield, KR Puram, Electronic City, and Banashankari) Marathahalli is a popular business centre and a top-rated residential area in eastern Bangalore. In fact, it is a hotspot for Bengaluru’s commercial, residential, and industrial activities and is one of the most chosen areas for living.  

Unsurprisingly, Marathahalli is one of the fastest-growing areas of Bangalore. Its proximity to many IT parks lures more and more start-ups and people to shift and rent (or buy) spaces in this area. To make things better,  Marathahalli is also dotted with plenty of malls and restaurants. The rise in the number of offices and residential spaces in this region led to an increased demand for interior design services. The buildings of Marathahalli reverberate the diverse cultures, tastes, and personalities of their residents. Be it contemporary or modern minimalist leading interior designers in Marathahalli Bangalore like SunTew, cater to the growing design needs of home and office owners. 

Our Unique Approach for Interior Desgin Services

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Interior design completes a house. In addition to infusing your home with aesthetics, and equipping spaces with functionality, interior design is essential for weaving a bond between you and your house. However, most of us avoid interior design owing to its hassles and responsibilities. This is exactly why you need SunTew. 

SunTew is a top choice for interior designers in Marathahalli. We guarantee 100% transparency and 0% botheration to our clients. With its turnkey projects and end-to-end supervision, the design company ensures that each step of the interior design process is carried out efficiently with minimum disturbance to our clients. 

Our interior design team coordinates with the clients to comprehend their requirements, tastes, and personalities; weaving this information together they develop an interior design plan that fits the client’s budget and is tailored to their specifications. Plus, we also keep you informed about the progress of your design project and modify it according to your feedback. SunTew always maintains a record of its clients’ expenditures which is shown to them for transparency.

Let’s give you more clarity about SunTew by decoding its design process.

Services Offered by SunTew for Interior Desgins in Marathali Bangalore

Being one of the leading interior decorators in Marathahalli, SunTew is a one-stop shop for all your interior design needs. It offers interior design services for homes, businesses, and other buildings in Karnataka. The best part is that SunTew’s project solutions are completely flexible. We can help you decorate your entire home or just oversee the execution of your design process. Here are some services offered by SunTew. 

Interiror Desgin Services

Residential Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Space Planning

Furniture Selection and Customization

Material Selection

Adept in decorating home interiors in Marathahalli, SunTew helps homeowners realize their home decor dreams. It offers tailored residential interior design including customized layouts, furniture selection, color schemes, and lighting designs to reflect clients' personalities and lifestyles for every room. You can opt for our end-to-end home interior design services or design a specific room (like the living room, kitchen, study, prayer room, bedroom, and washroom) with us. SunTew has vast experience designing interiors of commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Being a leading commercial interior designer in Marathahalli Bangalore, our innovative and customized designs highlight your brand personality while offering you an exclusive interior design experience. Our professional office interior design solutions are specially crafted to pump up employee productivity through a comfortable and positive working atmosphere. SunTew offers interior design solutions for homes and commercial spaces of all sizes. We ensure that its expert interior designers in Marathahalli bring out the best in living spaces by maximizing the available space and improving its aesthetics. We analyze your floor plan to identify opportunities for betterment. Accordingly, they take steps including arrangement of the furniture and other items to ensure maximum comfort and usability. To take your home/ office interiors to the next level you need to pair it with a good set of furniture that complements the existing design style while optimizing the available space. At SunTew we believe that furniture is an important component of interior design. From traditional to trendy we offer furniture of every style and theme for you to choose from. That is not all, SunTew’s furniture layout elevates the aesthetics and functionality of your room. Being an experienced interior designer in Marathahalli Bangalore SunTew understands the importance of good quality materials in crafting an interior design. We partner with the best raw materials and service providers to offer products that are well-finished and highly durable. Finally, at SunTew we do our best to conserve the environment. Therefore, all our interior designs are completely eco-friendly, and raw materials are recyclable.

Portfolio of SunTew- Top Interior Decorators in Marathahalli

SunTew is one of the top choices for adorning Marathahalli interiors, thanks to its impressive track record and client testimonials. In this segment, let’s look at some of the previous interior design projects by SunTew.

Modular Kitchen Design for a client at Marathahalli Bangalore

Cooking is an art. And, a well-done kitchen is probably the most underrated ingredient in any food recipe. The busyness of our lives restricts our time in the kitchen, nevertheless, we crave good food. A well-organized, spacious modular kitchen equipped with the latest amenities helps us cook delicious food quickly and seamlessly.  

In this particular project, our client requested us to craft a kitchen that elevates their cooking experience while improving efficiency. 

Depending on our client’s budget and preference, our designers laid out the blueprint for this trendy, spacious, organized modular kitchen. 

The modular kitchen designed by SunTew blended naturally with the contemporary design style colour and theme of the house. Apart from adding a sophisticated feel to the kitchen decor, our modular kitchen design was highly functional and user-friendly. 

Being one of the best kitchen designers in Marathahalli Bangalore we were able to impress our clients with this particular kitchen design. 

Modular Kitchen Design for a client at Marathahalli Bangalore

Aesthetic Living Room Design for a client at Marathahalli Bangalore

Create Memories in Style!

    Where do you spend the maximum time with your family? 

    Where do you gather around with friends and talk for hours? 

    It’s your living room. 

    A living room is a space that carries the imprints of precious moments in life. It is a place that reminds you of yourself. So, designing a living room is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for an interior designer. 

    For this particular design project, our client from Maharathahalli requested their living room to be adorned in a natural eco-friendly interior design style. 

    Our designers incorporated a natural vibe into the living space by placing indoor plants in the corners. Also, the wallpaper depicting the azure blue sky was placed on the ceiling to create a feeling of being amidst nature. Also, doors have been positioned to maximize the flow of natural light (and avoid artificial lighting) during the day. The gust of fresh wind blowing in through these doors would refresh the homeowners. 

    We are glad to say that our clients were very impressed by our work and enjoyed the natural ambiance we created for them.  

    Being one of the leading interior designers in Marathahalli Bangalore, SunTew has bagged praise from numerous clients. Here are some testimonials from them. 

    Over the last 4 years, SunTew has helped owners of residential and commercial spaces in Marathahalli Bangalore craft stare-stopping interior designs. Its clients have chosen SunTew repeatedly for all its interior design needs. Here are some reasons why you should too. 

    • Crafting good interior designs is a difficult task. At SunTew we have carefully created a team of the best interior designers in Bangalore. Leveraging their interior design expertise, they craft unique designs that are highly functional and aesthetically appealing.     
    • Having catered to hundreds of interior design projects, we know that no two clients have identical interior requests. SunTew coordinates with you to learn about your interior design budget, unique requirements, and personalities. It then tailors interior design projects accordingly.  
    • Being one of the top interior decorators in Marathahalli, SunTew has delivered exquisite design projects to countless people. Our clients are impressed by our client-centric approach and flexible solutions  
    • SunTew was established to help people design their dream homes in a hassle-free manner. Its customer support team pays attention to the client’s requirements and solves their problems, thus ensuring 100% client satisfaction. Also, throughout the design process, SunTew keeps its customers updated about the progress through transparent communication and frequent meetings.

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    SunTew is one of the most affordable interior designers in Marathahalli Bangalore. In this blog, we served all the essential SunTew information and some of our work samples. 

    Connect with our team to clear your queries and learn more about our offerings. You can also book a free consultation call with us to get more clarity about our packages and design process.

    Frequently Asked Questions For your Interior Architecture

    • We are Providing  Services, including residential or commercial interior design, space planning, furniture selection, etc.

    Yes, We can Do our best in your budget. Because our moto is your satisfaction. And we are providing Budget-Friendly Services.So don’t worry about the budget. For more details contact with us.

    • When selecting an interior designer in Marathahalli, it’s essential to consider their portfolio, design style, experience, and client testimonials. Schedule consultations with potential designers to discuss your project scope, budget, and timeline. This allows you to gauge their communication style, professionalism, and ability to understand and execute your vision effectively.
    • The timeline for SunTew’s interior design project in Marathahalli varies depending on factors such as project size, complexity, and client requirements. On average, smaller projects like single-room makeovers may take a few weeks to complete, while larger-scale renovations can span several months. It’s crucial to communicate your timeline expectations with your designer to ensure a realistic schedule is established from the outset.

    The cost of hiring an interior designer in Marathahalli varies based on several factors, including the scope of work, designer’s experience, project size, and location. Design fees may be structured as a flat rate, hourly rate, or a percentage of the project’s total budget. Additionally, clients should budget for expenses such as materials, furnishings, and contractor fees. It’s advisable to request a detailed estimate from your designer before commencing the project.

    • SunTew’s Interior designers in Marathahalli can work with existing furniture and decor if desired, incorporating them into the new design scheme to achieve a cohesive look. However, they may also recommend purchasing new items to complement existing pieces or enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. Ultimately, the decision depends on the client’s preferences, budget, and project goals, which the designer will consider during the planning process.

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