A perfect guide for the best types of paint for interior walls

best types of paints for interior walls

Painting your home doesn’t just make your house look pretty — it also helps in giving value, protection and personalization to the space.there are may types of paint for interior walls that looks amazing!

You may come up with too many questions like,

types of paints

What kind of interior paint is easiest to clean?

What is the most durable type of interior paint?

What is the most common type of interior paint?

With forever advancing technology we have a variety of paint options to choose from. Don’t you worry! Our team of experts are here to guide you to the comfort of your house.

To pick the best wall paint for your walls, you must understand the difference between various types. Every wall paint has its own set of features that helps one understand its usage.

  1. Distemper: A Budget friendly option.

Distemper is the oldest type of paint which has now evolved with time. There are two types of distemper paint: Water-based distemper and oil-based distemper. Water-based distemper is not as durable as emulsion paints and hence is an ideal option for rental properties. It gives a smoother finish than a whitewash. Oil-based distemper is long-lasting than water-based variant but gives out a particular smell or stink. Hence it is more suitable for industrial spaces.

Price: ₹25 onwards (per litre)

  1. Enamel: Hard, durable and washable.

Enamel paint comes in various finishes. Most of the time it has a glossy or polished look. The fact that it is the most durable type of interior paint and is easy with maintenance makes it a deal to be used in the kitchen as it is frequently exposed to dirt and stains.

Using enamel on doors, windows and balconies are quite popular as it doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight and water

Besides the advantages we mentioned above, the application is also easy by any means, which includes a paintbrush, roller or even spray.

Price: ₹70 onwards (per litre)

paint for interior walls

  1. Emulsion: Easy to apply and dry quickly.

Apart from walls, emulsion paint can be painted on different surfaces like metal, glass, wood and concrete. The best advantage of this paint is its thickness, which makes the application easy. It dries quicker than other wall paints and hence is a time saver! The surface of the emulsion is hard which makes cleaning easier with water or mild detergent.

Emulsion paint is available in two popular finishes, matte finish and eggshell finish.

Price: ₹160 onwards (per litre)

  1. Lustre: Very tough and durable.

Lustre is solvent-based and develops a lustrous pattern when rolled on the walls. After drying it develops a hard tough film which is quite durable. It also carries the best feature of washability as it has superior water repellency. If you have kids in the house this is the best option to choose as lustre is stain resistant and easiest to clean!

The only disadvantage in lustres is their odour which takes weeks to subside after a wall is freshly painted.

Price: ₹400 onwards (per litre)

  1. Texture paint: Best for accent walls.

Adding textured paint to the walls adds depth to the space. It gives an artistic look to the walls. Texture paint being different from normal flat paints can be used for accent walls. They are denser and last longer if you maintain them properly. You can achieve wall texture by using brushes, sponges, spatulas for application. These paints are used to highlight certain walls in a space.

Price: ₹600 onwards (per litre)

We hope this information helps you in understanding different paints and their usage. If you are looking for renovations of your space and are confused about the suitable paint type, feel free to talk to our designers at SUNTEW. Book a free consultation today!

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